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Contrary to what you may believe, erection, orgasm and ejaculation are 3 totally independent phrases. If your aim is to enhance your sexual performance, and increase your pleasure you need to work directly on these 3 phases. Hard Spray isn’t an allin- one treatment – it targets each of these phases. It’s a truly revolutionary product!

In fact, for the first time ever, a spray containing 100% natural ingredients is effective at enhancing and sustaining the hardness of your erection, the intensity of your orgasm and the abundance of your ejaculate.

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A flash of leg, a glimpse of generous cleavage, suddenly your desire rises and you start to feel the swell. You recognise the familiar signs of your growing erection and, when thought turns to action, Hard Spray will give you:

A harder, thicker penis, tumescent with desire and ready for action. At the mere sight of this proud, rock-hard organ, your partner will be quite literally blown away. This surge in your virility will drive her wild!

An instant and ever-ready erection that lasts and lasts. From the moment of application, Hard Spray drives an increased flow of blood towards the erectile chambers. And with Hard Spray, this phase is prolonged, maintaining the blood pressure in the erectile chamber at a constant level.

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The best and hardest erections